Congratulations! On your decision to rethink and renovate your own home interiors. Now you must be wondering from where to start and what to look for. Here we are going to make it easy for you to formulate your needs exactly. So lets start with wooden flooring section as first thing that comes in mind is the base or foundation. Please take in following considerations :

  1. Would you like to go for wooden flooring, carpets, marble and granite or vitrified tiles. If you are going for wooden flooring then what type of flooring you would require. This depends on you texture requirements and life of flooring.
  2. Each one has their pros and cons. You can also reach out to our blog section and find these things in detail.
  3. Select the colour, texture, level of comfort and maintenance requirements. Also consider your usage, traffic your floor would require to bear and if you have kids, how old they are and most importantly what would they like and prefer for their own eco system.
  4. Narrow your choices further by calculating your budget.
  5. Measure your room space. Consider wastage factors and accessories add ons. If you need any kind help you can contact our support team and you can also have a chat with us because we know person to person communication is best and cannot be substituted with anything.
  6. Visit and order your product. We offer free installation services with wooden flooring, carpets, mats and artificial grass.
  7. While adding quantity please consider 10% wastage and add same to you space measurements. For example :

Consider your room dimensions (length x breadth) = 12’ x 10’ feets

Total area                                                                                 = 120 feets

Now wastage would be (10 %)                                                = 120 x 0.10

= 12’ foot

Total quantity of material                                                          = Original Area + Wastage

= 120 +12

= 132 foot

This is the quantity you would like to order. After this you can also calculate out accessories like skirting, transiting profiles, round head profiles, etc.

  1. We will be delivering your consignment within next 10 days. Our support team will remain in touch with you and keep you updated with the progress of whole project as well as after the completion of project.