One of the biggest question that arises in mind while buying products which require an installation procedure and skills from an online platform is the concern of installation. So here we will try to address all your doubts or issues.

  • What about installation of products I buy from you?

We will be providing installation from our part. Once the product is delivered to you at work site our support team will get in touch with for scheduling the installation of products.

  • Are there any installation charges?

Installation charges are including in amount. You don’t need to pay any extra amount.

  • How much time it will take for installation?

After reaching the work site on installation schedule, it will take around an hour for our team to access information about site, plan complete procedure and discuss with you specific issue related to installation at your site if any. Once they start installation we assume it takes our team to install products at the time rate of 100 sqft per 3 hours. This may increase pertaining to any real life issues if any.

  • What do I need to ensure from my counterpart?
  1. All you need to make sure is that installation site is plain and smooth to zero level before our installation team reaches on scheduled time. Any difference in level can cause improper installation.
  2. Site should be free and vacant to begin work.
  3. Installation team may help you in shifting your furniture away from work site and back to it only if it is hindering their work space. They might not be able to move heavy objects. For this you need to arrange a helping person themselves.
  4. Kindly keep kids away from work site while installation team is working on work site. There might be sharp objects which may cause injury if not paid attention.
  5. Please inspect complete installation once the work is complete and ask installers to address all your issues before leaving site.
  6. Our installation team would be working at site for not more than 9 hours. If there is any part they will do it next day.
  • Do you address any installation only concerns?

No, we do not install any product that is not purchased from us.