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So we all know the best view one can bestow on self is the view of fresh green grass the first in morning. It’s always soothing for our eyes and that amazing feel of softness to your feet. Right when you see the grass outdoors there is certain thing you wonder, you say to yourself “If only I can keep a box of this feeling in my home.” What if we tell it is possible to make it possible? Well… Almost. And what if we told you there wouldn’t be any hassle of sowing, watering, cleaning etc. Yes, you can have all these comforts even without any hassle. All this is possible with a tiny but essential invention of modern technology that is, Artificial Turf or Grass. As you might have also seen in European Soccer fields, American Baseball and Rugby fields, Australian and African Cricket Grounds and Olympic field throughout the world. Those blushing, shiny and green, even colorful patterns can be in your home, balcony, lawn and terrace as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Artificial Grass Carpet can not only be installed in matter of few hours, it can also be removed easily without much hassle and with absolutely no damage to your subfloor or base. To install Artificial Turf we use industrial adhesive and thus it is much more convenient to be installed on plain and smooth surfaces in your homes, commercial space or even if you want to create a lawn of grass on terrace of any building or construction. While removing carpet there will be some marks of adhesive left on floors which can easily be cleaned.

How to choose Grass for your use/requirements

The biggest factor in decision making would be choosing the right pile’ height carpet. Now what is this pile height? Pile is actually the soft hairs of grass. Pile height is the length of these grass hairs. Artificial Grass comes in various pile height options, starting from 10mm to 50mm of length.

How do you choose right Pile Height?  

Simple, if you are going to fix a carpet of grass on your wall for the green look or the greener ambience you can use basic 10mm pile height’ carpet for the sake of green exhibition only. You can also get it fixed below your staircase to bring colors rather than just odd closing space below staircase. Similarly, if you are going to keep a lawn with fine grass and restricted to any kind of traffic you can go for 25mm. Now if you have a lawn with quite foot traffic like on your terrace or lawn in backyard you can choose from 35mm or 40mm. You can also consider 55mm if you would like a very dense grass lawn.

For any more queries you can also contact us on our given addresses or you can text or mail us your queries so that we can get more detailed and specific solution to any of your observations. In the end thanks for being here on our store. Feel green and stay free.

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