The best flooring to consider for your space if you are looking to give a rusty, eccentric and luxurious exhibition is our French Bleed Series Laminate Wood Flooring. There are many features of this series that you would love. From the rusty look to differently toned edges, from change in shade from one end to other in single plank to still giving your room a unified luxurious pattern to your space French Bleed is something you would love in your drawing room and commercial spaces like boutiques where impression means everything to you.

French Bleed Laminate are bit narrow in comparison to conventional laminate planks which gives your interiors a peculiar feel of lavish flooring. Darker and beveled edges gives an edge over conventional floor that you might have already witnessed. We offer luxury shades like Brazilian Cherry, Orleans Coffee and Rusty Ash in a very affordable budget as compared to the hardwood flooring of same patterns. We would recommend you to consider French Bleed not just for your flooring but also to your walls as wall panel. A panel of French bleed series laminate with a painting canvas in your drawing room or even in your bed room would definitely make you feel proud each and every time you take glance at it.

The dark color beveled edge will give your room a unique exhibition if you have any dark element in your décor or furniture. A rusty and trendy theme of interiors would become pinnacle with the use of French Bleed shade Laminate Wood Flooring.

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