Vintage Premium Laminate wood flooring consist of rusty and rugged shade laminates with handscraped texture. The unique texture engraved in wooden laminate provides a touch of natural wood grains. The contemporary rusty shade is printed as such it has an element of classic patterns. This range of patterns is quite uncommon and is seen in luxury hotels, artist galleries, etc where the reflection of flooring on existing furniture and decor is fine tuned in details. If you are looking for a rugged canvas panel on your walls you can choose vintage premium and get it fixed on your walls without much hassle and without damaging the existing structure.

Class 32 AC 4 Standard laminates can bear heavy residential foot traffic and medium commercial space foot traffic. Darker shades with rusty finish would be great for rooms with good space while lighter shades would be great with less space or small rooms and rooms with lesser ceiling height. Matt finish dark shades of Vintage Premium are very popular in artist studios and designing hubs.

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