Types of Flooring
Technology has advanced in each and every part of life. It has not only made our lives comfortable and luxurious but it has also beautified our lives by adding colors everywhere around us. That being said one of the biggest companion with us is our our foundation or ‘zameen’ we walk on. Our floor has not just remained a requirement but there are now thousands of options available to make it too feel good and comfortable. Now you can choose among thousands or maybe from millions of colour and materials according to your comfort. We at housingrock offer you and provide you these options that you might not be introduced to you yet. So, what are these options and how many have you tested yet in your dream home. They are:
1. Laminate Flooring
2. Linoleum Flooring
3. Vinyl Flooring
4. Marble Flooring
5. Granite Flooring
6. Ceramic Tiles
7. Vitrified Tiles

Wooden Floor: A popular culture in west since centuries is now spreading its positive vibes in subcontinent too. You can now choose from thousands of colors of nature and hundreds of types of material. Wooden Flooring though has a very vast range we can now broadly categorise them on the basis of material or make. Namely:
1. Laminated Wooden Floor
2. Engineered Wood Floor
3. Hardwood Floor
4. Bamboo Wood Floors
Each and everyone has different features, different textures, various color options and most importantly that comfortable touch feel to your feet.

Laminate Flooring
If you are looking for an affordable solution to the splendid looking wooden flooring or even some colors of stone then laminated flooring is the best thing for you. It is hardy and provides number of color variations, shades and texture finish. You can have seamless finish laminates, U-grooves, V-grooves, Hand scarped texture, wire scraped texture and many more options. Its easy to maintain, moisture resistant to a good extent and needs just a daily mopping to keep shining.

Linoleum Flooring
A composite of cork wood dust, limestone, recycled wood flour, and linseed oil is linoleum flooring. Tough against impacts or dents it is environmental friendly and safe You can have smooth and comfortable feel and you can stay worry free from affect of oils and stains if you have kids in you house.

Stone Flooring
There are plenty of options available in stone flooring. These can be of various tyoes such as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine and onyx. Stone floors are very strong, highly durable, thermal (heat) resistant and have a very long life.

Tile Flooring
Various types of tile flooring like ceramic, porcelain, quarry and mosaic are available in market. Tiles are stain resistant and would keep your walls shinning. These days thousands of patterns are available for all kinds of needs including bathroom, kitchen, exterior or even interior walls.

Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl flooring comes in both rolls and planks cut out. These can be very affordable in comparison of other alternatives. Vinyl flooring comes in many shades and colour options especially of wooden flooring shades. Thus you can get long life flooring in low budget and at the same time get the look of expensive flooring.

Wood Flooring
Wood Flooring as the name suggests is pure natural wood and no artificial elements in it except the wax and polishing. These come in various thicknesses. Earlier popular in British region in last century you can easily find wood flooring as old as century intsaled without much issues. These come in various options. Wood flooring are manufactured (cut out) in India such as Maple, Pine, Thermo pine and Bamboo flooring or they can be imported from different parts of world, with options like Brazillian Cherry or Jatoba, American Walnut, Oak etc. If your wood flooring loses its shine you can always get it scrubbed and repolished in every 3-5 years thus keeping our floor as good as new for decades.

Marble & Granite Flooring
Most familiar to Indians comes Marble & Granite flooring. Marble and Granite are mined from various part of India like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Orissa, Bihar, Karnataka and others as well as imported from various countries in world such as Turkey, Italy, Bangladesh, etc. Marble flooring has always been part of indian homes, hotels, civil infrastructures, commercial places, etc.