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How to Calculate Area

The first thing that comes to mind while ordering flooring or wall panel or carpets is the measurement of the material to be purchased. So here we are trying to share some information how you can measure the given space.

  1. The first and the only thing you need for doing this is a measurement tape or generally referred to as inch tape for taking dimensions of installation space. The second thing that can help you is a notepad and pencil to note down the readings. You can do it in your mobile phone too.
  2. Now first you need to take straight measurements. These would be length and width of the room. Hold first end of measurement tape with the first wall.
  3. Now stretch the tape towards opposite wall and take it to next end of room (you can do it in two steps if the space is longer than inch tap mark) . Mark this point by pencil or any marker. Now stick the first end of tape at this point and stretch other end to the remaining side of the room space towards wall. Add both dimensions. This will be your length.
  4. Similarly measure the other side from wall to wall. This dimension would be the width of the room.
  5. To get the total area, multiply both these measurements.

Area = Length x Width

After getting this value add 10% wastage factor. You can also opt for the accessories of purchased item. Like in wooden flooring you can consider door profiles, stair profiles, skirting, etc.

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    this information is very helpful.

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